Retrograde is a high-energy cover band playing your favorite rock, pop, and country hits from the 60s through today. From the Beatles to Bruno Mars, they play a little something for everyone! Formed in 2016 and already playing close to 30 shows a year, they have proven to bring impressive sound and an energetic stage presence that will get you up and moving. Come ready to sing and dance!

Jeff - Lead Vocals


 Jeff has been making music in some form or another his whole life. He plays many instruments, but none of them very well! After college, he began focusing more on vocal performance, and he's never looked back. Though you might catch him playing a harmonica or keyboard solo here and there...


Brett - Percussion | Vocals


Brett began playing drums at the age of 6. He played percussion all through middle school and high school, and started with his first band at the age of 13. Since graduating high school, Brett has played in various projects in the Milwaukee area for the last 10 years. After playing in mainly original bands, Brett has found a passion for playing covers and performing them. 

John - Guitar | Vocals


John has been playing guitar since high school and has played in numerous cover and original bands throughout college. His musical inspirations are rooted in classic, progressive and alternative rock. After a long hiatus from playing in a band, John finally met the right group of musicians and the rest is history...

Joe - Bass | Vocals


Joe is the musical shaman of the group. He can play almost every instrument, and is connected to ethereal musical force that binds all beings. That being said, Joe has been playing bass guitar and other instruments forever and is a musician that inspires other musicians with his talents.